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  • Key features

    Infant car seat、carry cot and stroller 3 in 1 Reversible seat Easy folding system 105-170° Adjustable backrest 3-section adjustable Full-cover solar awning 360° Removable handrest 5-point safety belt with soft sleeves ALU frame with anodze One-foot brakes Large Volume Basket Leather handle and front handrail Adjustable leather footrest Suspension wheels with alloy bearing Front wheels with swivel lock 11.5 Inch inflatable rubber rear whee

  • Luxury

    The ZUMBA…pure luxury in stroller form.There is no aspect of this stroller that doesn't scream, "more"!The Flamenco has the best fabrics we have to offer,the smoothest ride in our lineup and a color scheme to make any fashionista's pulse quicken. This stroller isn't for everyone. It's for the parents with discerning tastes.It's for the parent who not only wants the best for their child,but also themselves.The Flamenco is for the parent who demands…more.
  • Superior suspension

    The central suspension adapts to the weight of your child and balances the pushchair on any terrain you come across,whether it be a cobbled street or a country road, your little one will enjoy a smooth ride.
  • Air-filled rear wheels

    The air-filled rear wheels provide a smooth and comfortable
    ride for your child, softening out any bumpy paths along your way.
  • Safety

    All of our Zooper strollers come with a 5-point harness safety system. This ensures that the baby using our product can be safe from falling out of the stroller.Moreover,all of our products have passed EN1888 testing to further ensure our users' safety.
  • Canopy

    Something unique about Zooper stroller is our all-purpose canopy.
    It can extend all the way to the front bar to protect the baby from sun, wind,and rain. Moreover,ZUMBA's all purpose canopy comes with a mommy bag on the back of the canopy.
  • Handle

    Zooper not only values safety,but also the aesthetics of our products.
    Cha-Cha comes with sewed on leather for both handle bar and the front
    bar to further increase the beauty of the product.
  • Adjustable backrest
    and footrest

    Make your child's journey even more convenient with our adjustable backrest and footrest. The backrest is easy to adjust and has a multi-position recline. Whether they're sleeping soundly or sitting up, you'll easily be able to keep them comfortable.

Reversible seat unit

Some days your child will want to face forward and see the world,other days they'll want to stay connected to you and face you in the rearward position.Whichever position they're in the mood for,the spacious seat unit can be fully reversed with one click to help keep them happy at all times.
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